Use Cases

See how Centific proactively addresses shrink, safety, and service at scale by empowering existing in-store cameras with ethical & responsible AI.

Shrink Reduction & Workplace Safety

Protect your bottom line by detecting theft, fraud, and damage and sending proactive alerts in real-time.

Out of Stock? Know In Real Time

Scan your shelves accurately in seconds and translate the data into business impact within minutes.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improve conversion and loyalty through rapid response to customer needs and journey optimization.

Retail Execution

Implement ideal company strategies with the aid of intelligent insights.

Pricing Compliance

Provide consistency, maintain margins, avoid legal issues, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Planogram Compliance

Ensure consistent customer experiences, maximize sales, streamline shelf management and minimize out-of-stocks.


Provide alerts and automate processes to always have the right products, for the right customers, at the right time.

Merchandising Compliance

Create a consistent customer experience, optimize product placement, facilitate efficient inventory management, and maintain brand and image consistency.

Consumer Demand

Step ahead of the competition by eliminating guesswork through trend and customer analysis.


Intelligently balance the needs of customers, retail trends, and monthly revenue projections with AI insights.


Optimize product placements, promotions, and signage to increase sales and improve customer experience.


Create a more personalized shopping experience, analyzing data to leverage the most from social media, mobile apps, and enticement programs.


Analyze data from suppliers and distributors with AI algorithms that provide recommendations for inventory management, order quantities, and delivery schedules.


Optimize the supply chain by collecting insights into demand patterns and inventory levels.

Consumer Profiles

Develop hyper-personalized promotions and nurture programs to create an ideal customer lifecycle.

Customer Experience

Make every visit to your retail space memorable, positive, and profitable.

Customer Reception

Use intelligent personalization to make your customers feel welcome and unique from the moment they enter your doors.

Customer Assistance

Behavioral detection and real-time alerts ensure your associates are helping customers exactly when needed.

Workforce Scheduling

Analyze traffic patterns and get data-driven insights on ideal staffing levels. 

Uniform Compliance

Leverage computer vision to highlight opportunities for real-time team training and operational standards upkeep.

Loss Prevention

Stop money from walking out the door. Put eyes and intelligence in every corner of your store.


Computer vision, behavior detection, and alerts stop shrink before it happens.


Cut out fraud and blockers at self-checkout stations and kiosks.

Workplace Safety

Floor-level hazards are a threat to your customers, your associates, and your bottom line. Spot and act on dangers in real time.


Spills, falls, and other safety liabilities are detected by AI and addressed by your associates with real-time notifications.


Let our retail AI analyze whether a customer needs help or if security intervention is warranted.


Retail spaces have humans, and humans are unpredictable. Get AI-vetted recommendations on how to handle escalations.


Are processes being followed at each stage of your organization? Pitaya by Centific™ can tell you.

Take the Guesswork Out of Retail Floorwork

Let’s connect to discuss how Pitaya™ will make your retail operations more predictable, less stressful, and poised for greater ROI.