The Platform

Streams from your existing cameras are analyzed in real-time using computer vision to reduce shrink, enhance safety, and improve the end-to-end customer experience by providing actionable insights to your team

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Digital Auditing 

Our AR mobile capture technology uses AI to analyze your stock data and inventory to save time and reduce human error. Easily mitigate OOS and POS issues in real-time while your team focuses on experience and strategy.

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Asset Protection 

Make life miserable for thieves, fraudsters, and cyber criminals. Computer Vision lets Pitaya™ spot shrink and will alert your team in real-time so they can take action before revenue, reputation, and employee/customer safety can be impacted.

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Customer Experience

Boost recommendations, grow revenue, and cultivate customer loyalty by leveraging ethically collected AI, computer vision (with full GDPR PII privacy compliance), behavioral anomaly detection, and more to alert associates to critical tasks, optimize floor layouts, and deliver the ideal customer service environment.

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Workplace Safety

By protecting employees and customers, retailers can reduce the number of workplace injuries and accidents. A proactively safe environment allows organizations to comply with regulations, avoid fines and liabilities, and maintain positive morale.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Retail Floorwork

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