Category OOS via Object Detection

By leveraging your existing security cameras, Pitaya’s category OOS Object Detection will spot changes in products and shelving after customer interactions while correlating POS data and category averages related to customer baskets.

Product OOS via AR Mobile Capture

With a simple walk down your aisles and Pitaya’s AR mobile capture on your side, you can detect and identify products for real-time inventory updates in an instant.

Store Integration

Pitaya™ integrates with POS platforms, Inventory management systems, and more in order to unlock actionable insights that optimize stock levels and timely replenishment.

Industry Benefits of Digital Auditing by Pitaya

Pitaya ends wasted time and manpower used to keep tabs on stock levels. Leverage object detection and mobile capture for maximum efficiency and ROI.


Check for Out-of-Stocks (OOS) and phantom inventory while optimizing number of touches and Days of Supply (DOS) to automate dynamic replenishment.



Ensure planogram compliance, get deep dives on competitor intelligence, gain insights on pricing data, and optimize display compliance.


Protect health standards and check inventory in cold storage and shelving instantly through CV and mobile capture. No more missed expirations.


Let Pitaya help your team search for packages, check store inventory, and ensure merchandising compliance by combining AR mobile capture, store integration, and object detection.

Take the Guesswork Out of Retail Floorwork

Let’s connect to discuss how Pitaya will make your retail operations more predictable, less stressful, and poised for greater ROI.