How Pitaya Helps...

Your entire team deserves the retail superpowers bestowed by Pitaya by Centific™, an ethical and responsible AI platform. See why everyone enjoys a slice of Pitaya™.

Loss Prevention Manager

Analyze video footage using computer vision (with full GDPR PII privacy compliance) and machine learning algorithms for detecting suspicious activity such as shoplifting, fraud, or employee theft.


Store Manager

Real-time info on everything from inventory levels to demand patterns so teams can optimize restocking and operations needs while reducing wasted time and effort.

Category Manager

Gain insights into customer preferences and demand patterns for optimized product assortment, pricing, and placement to meet customer demand.

Operations Manager

Optimize your workforce and delight your customers with Pitaya's intelligent recommendations on scheduling, staffing levels, and task assignments.

Data Engineer

Pitaya's features are a dream for retail Data Engineers looking for easier collection, cleansing, and categorization of the data their AI systems rely upon.

How Pitaya Helps...

Like any powerful and revolutionary tool, Pitaya has business uses across varied categories and business models. How will your team benefit?


Turn your old CCTV into an associate force multiplier, customer journey optimizer, and loss prevention game-changer.



Gain insights on inventory faster while making things easier and safer for associates with features like AR mobile capture and data collection optimization.


Predictively staff the right number of associates for peak service times, optimize delivery schedules for freshness and anticipate seasonal shifts to reduce waste.


Schedule teams, restocking, and deliveries based on real-time updates from mobile capture of product levels.

Take the Guesswork Out of Retail Floorwork

Let’s connect to discuss how Pitaya will make your retail operations more predictable, less stressful, and poised for greater ROI.