Dwell Detection

Transform your retail environment with analytics that track customer movement, interactions with products, and duration of stay. Pitaya™ yields insights into peak traffic times, staffing optimization, and the identification of underutilized areas for improvement. Heat mapping enables optimal product placement, promotion, and signage in high-traffic areas.

Object Detection

Keep your team and customers safe from everything from slips and falls to workplace violence. Pitaya’s object detection analyzes your floor with an eye out for slippery surfaces as well as weapon detection to mitigate potential dangers before they happen.

CV Description

Use computer vision to detect and analyze associate and customer behavior (with full GDPR PII privacy compliance). Real-time alerts keep teams on top of potential hazards, safety protocol breaches, access to authorized areas, equipment tracking, and safety gear compliance.

Industry Benefits of Workplace Safety by Pitaya

Reduce injuries, deaths, liabilities, litigation, and reputation damage by leveraging Pitaya to enhance your workplace safety.


Proactively alert your team to violent escalations (often before it reaches your doors), monitor loitering on and around premises, and protect associate-only entrances and exits.



Whether you’re tracking hazardous material handling, checking on equipment handling, or ensuring compliance on safety gear, processes and protocols, Pitaya takes on the heavy lifting for CPGs.


Monitor staff operations and process compliance, get alerts to safety and slippage hazards, and warn your team about violent escalations.


Safety is paramount when you’re handling dozens of trucks, hundreds of workers, and thousands of items enroute from anywhere in the globe. Stay on top of procedure and safety compliance 24/7.

Take the Guesswork Out of Retail Floorwork

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